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How Does “True Love” Work?

Love is often cited as “the meaning of life” or the central “life force” of humanity, but what the heck is it really? Whenever people meet the “love of their life”, how do they really know?

In fact, love can be broken down entirely scientifically, as just a fizzling chemical combustion within the human brain. But if that’s so, are concepts like “true love” just a bleak, abstract idea? Aren’t we all just a bunch of meat suits walking around with electrical signals firing off in our heads convincing us that we are meant to be together?

This is where things tend to get a bit more philosophical and less tangible or evidentiary. To argue the counter point, if love is just a chemical combustion and that invalidates it in some way, you might as well say goodbye to anything that makes you happy at all – or sad, or angry – any emotion is illegitimate by those same standards.

So if love is really “meant to be”, why doesn’t it happen to all of us?

With the advent of the internet, this is never further from the truth. Anyone with at least a basic internet connection can go online to eHarmony, OkCupid, Match, Etc (these are “real love sites”, if you only want “casual” fun like these wild people then check out Adult Friend Finder for sure)

How do you know if you’ve found the one? This is the age-old question everyone has wondered since the beginning of relationships, and I’m afraid to say I can’t help you there. It’s about the feelings you both have, and how you compliment one another as far as your traits. Aside from that, it’s a game of sacrifice, negotiation, and gratitude for your partner.

I just know that when I found my person, life changed for the better forever. I can’t imagine it ever going back, and I pray to God you all find love as well. Thank you.


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